How to paint a ceiling:

For painting a standard ceiling you will need the following:

  • A tin of ceiling paint
  • Paint brush
  • Roller
  • Roller extension pole
  • Masking tape
  • Protective sheet to stop paint splattering

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Step by step process:

  1. Be sure to check the existing paint surface is in good condition. If there are signs of mould, flaky paint, powdery surface or cracks, you will need to address these first. 
  2. Give the ceiling a clean and make sure there is no grime or cobwebs on the surface. 
  3. Lay down protective sheeting on the floor and covering any items of furniture you are leaving in the room while painting. 
  4. Using masking tape, on the wall side of the ceiling, tape the edges to help keep the paint on your ceilings and not on your walls. 
  5. Take your paint brush and apply the paint around the edges of the ceiling first. 
  6. Pour your paint into the roller tray and apply a good amount of paint onto the roller sleeve. Roll out the sleeve on the tray to get a nice even coat of paint across the sleeve. 
  7. Start at one side of the room and using long straight motions roll the sleeve up and down across the ceiling. Taking care when cutting close to the edges where you've just painted with your brush. This will create a nice even finish. 
  8. When finished painting the ceiling with the roller. Give it time to dry and see if you will need to do another coat. Generally, using a good quality ceiling paint will mean you will only need to do one coat. 
  9. You can remove the masking tape from around the corners of the room after about 30 minutes.