Mix and match colours to create impact and style in your home. 

When it comes to colour, there are no rules! Choosing paint colours should be exciting and allows you the opportunity to express yourself. If you love the colour, you can’t go wrong. Colour is expressive, and there are plenty of ways to go big and bold in your space. From feature walls to bright furniture, we’re here to help however we can.

While there are no rules, here are some ideas to get you thinking about what is possible in your space, big or small. 

Feature walls are a classic way to mix and match paint colours in a room. We all require different things from different spaces. So, choose colours that have you feeling ultra inspired is essential.

Whether it's a feel good blue or dark earthy green, pick colours that reflect you, your taste and the desired ambiance you are trying to create in your room.

Here are a couple of examples of feature walls which are bold and daring yet work seamlessly in the room they are in. 

Feature Wall - Stiffkey Blue Farrow & Ball with Ammonite

Feature Wall - Stiffkey Blue (Farrow & Ball) with Ammonite (Farrow & Ball)

Feature Wall - Christmas Wreath Colourtrend Paint

Feature Wall - Christmas Wreath (Colourtrend Paint)

Kids rooms are an excuse to let your creativity unleash and go bold with colour. Mixing and matching colours of all shades. Kids love colour and it creates a great imaginative space. The below is an example of two paint colours that work great together and create a bright and airy space full of creativity. 

Dandelion and Laser - Kids Colours Fleetwood Paints

 Dandelion and Laser - Kids Colours, Fleetwood Paints

If a feature wall isn't something you wish to use in your space, another option is including colour in your furniture. Painting furniture in the room a daring colour creates character in the room and adds impact. Here are some examples of cleverly painted pieces in the room that will give you ideas of what colours can be incorporated into your rooms.

Pantone Mimosa (Wall) Pantone Mallard Blue (Storage Cabinets) - Fleetwood Paints

 Pantone Mimosa (Wall) Pantone Mallard Blue (Storage Cabinets) - Fleetwood Paints

Pantone Deep Teal Fleetwood Paints

Pantone Deep Teal - Fleetwood Paints

Living Room Walls painted in DH Oxford Blue Velvet Matt emulsion. Door painted in Dulux Heritage Deep Ultramarine, Eggshell.

Living Room Walls painted in DH Oxford Blue Velvet Matt emulsion. Door painted in Dulux Heritage Deep Ultramarine, Eggshell. DH Oxford Blue is a versatile colour long associated with luxury. Create a stylish home office with this rich velvety navy which looks its best in a room with layered lighting. You can put this shade on center stage by combining it with crisp Mallow White or add a touch of maritime lux by teaming it with Deep Ultramarine.

As always, we hope this piece has provided some help on mixing and matching colours but if you'd like more help. Drop us a message and we'll be delighted to help further.