Green paint colours are often associated with health and revitalization. Greens are a lush and uplifting choice for any room in your home. They are unmatched in their ability to bring life to any space, representing the balanced tones of nature and promoting a feeling of calmness and warmth. Using different shades of the colour green in your palette will allow you to create different settings, from vibrant spaces to calming ones.

Green is the colour of nature and with the below selection of colours we look at the most gorgeous shades of green that you should consider for your home. We look at all shades of green, including light green, sage green, dark green and more.

Greens are a reassuring and calming paint colour choice that work well as part of a muted colour scheme or as a bright or bold feature colour. Green paint colours are increasingly popular at the minute, with muted greens adding nature-infused tranquillity, and brighter ones offering sophisticated charm.

Soft green paint colours are always popular in Irish homes, creating relaxing bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms, and soothing green living rooms. In the kitchen, on both walls and cabinetry, green is a much-loved paint colour.

If we take a look at the colour wheel, the complementary colour to green is red. Therefore never be afraid to mix these combinations, particularly pink tones work beautifully with green paint colours. Below we take a look at our favourite go-to green shades for every room in the home. 

Light Green Paint Colours

Use light green paint colours to replace off-whites and act as a calming neutral in your colour scheme. Below are some of our favourite light green paint colours: 

Scullery Green Colourtrend Paint - Light Green Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Scullery Green, Colourtrend Paint Colour

Scullery Green from Colourtrend is a crisp and fresh yet soft and easy to live with light green paint colour. Scullery Green is the light bouncing and room-energising kind of green. There are grey and yellow undertones which keep it cool but with a bright edge.

 Green Ground - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour - Light Green Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Green Ground, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Green Ground from Farrow & Ball is a light and airy colour. The paleness of Green Ground has a calming feel. It is well suited to kitchens where it creates a contented family atmosphere. Often paired with a bright white to enhance its colour, it can also be used on panelling with darker shades. 

Sage Green Paint Colours

Monet from Fleetwood Paints Vogue Colour Collection is an exquisite green-grey that is perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

Monet, Fleetwood Paints 

Monet from the Fleetwood Paints Vogue Colour Collection is an exquisite green-grey that is perfect for a kitchen or dining room. There is a lovely softness and relaxing feel to this shade. 

 Vert De Terre - Sage Green Farrow & Ball Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Vert De Terre, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Vert De Terre from Farrow & Ball creates the softest atmosphere wherever used, especially in spaces with lots of large house plants. 

Monet Lily - Sage Green Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours - Paint Online Ireland
Monet Lily, Fleetwood Paints
Monet Lily from Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours is a gorgeous light green sage colour with mint undertones. Monet Lily creates soothing and calming spaces and is ideally suited to living rooms, bathrooms and utility rooms. 
Sea Star Fleetwood Paints - Sage Green Paint Colour - Popular Colours - Paint Online
Sea Star, Fleetwood Paints
Sea Star from Fleetwood Paints is an airy shade that creates an overall feeling of calm and serenity in living rooms and bedrooms. Like many green paint colours, Sea Star changes depending on the light in the room. 


Dark Green Paint Colours

Green Smoke Farrow & Ball Paint Colour - Dark Green Living Room - Paint Online Ireland

Green Smoke, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball has an irresistibly inviting deepness and weathered familiarity when used in exterior situations, while evoking calm and serenity when used inside.

Standing Tall from Colourtrend - Dark Green Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Standing Tall, Colourtrend Paint Colour

Standing Tall from Colourtrend works beautifully with natural wood furnishings and greenery. This earthy green paint colour creates a refreshing, contemporary feeling in your home. 

Bofin Fern - Fleetwood Paints - Dark Green Paint Colour - Paint Online

Bofin Fern, Fleetwood Paints

Bofin Fern from the Fleetwood Paints Vogue Collection is a stylish colour that works beautifully on kitchen cabinets. This cool emerald green paint colour creates visual interest amidst the black and white patterned flooring and white subway tile splashback. Classic meets contemporary in this kitchen.

Living Room Walls painted in DH Oxford Blue. Door painted in Dulux Heritage Deep Ultramarine, Eggshell. Order Dulux Heritage online Ireland.

Living Room Walls painted in DH Oxford Blue Velvet Matt emulsion. Door painted in Dulux Heritage Deep Ultramarine, Eggshell. DH Oxford Blue is a versatile colour long associated with luxury. Create a stylish home office with this rich velvety navy which looks its best in a room with layered lighting. You can put this shade on center stage by combining it with crisp Mallow White or add a touch of maritime lux by teaming it with Deep Ultramarine.

Smoking Room Green - Ventura Paint Colours - Dark Green Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Smoking Room Green, Ventura Collection

Smoking Room Green from the Ventura Collection is a dark and smokey green paint colour. This dark green adds atmosphere and impact to rooms creating a real sense of sophistication. 

What do you think of our selection? Have you used any of these green paint colours? Do you have another colour which you feel should be included? Drop us a comment below.