Dark paint colours not to be afraid of. 

Don't be afraid to incorporate dark paint colours into your home. Used correctly, dark colours bring an air of sophistication and highlight the character in a room. 

Be careful with the size of the room, for smaller rooms avoid painting one wall dark as it will give the illusion of the room closing in. However, painting all walls dark can give the illusion of more space as it hides the edges of the walls and the room will look bigger. Also, a simple trick is to paint the trim the same colour as the walls, this makes the room feel bigger as you are not framing the colour. 

Dressage - Colourtrend Paints
Colourtrend, Contemporary Collection, Dressage 
Railings Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball, Railings
Pitch Black - Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball, Pitch Black
Ash Slate - Fleetwood Popular Colours
 Fleetwood Popular Colours, Ash Slate
Parisian Ink - Fleetwood Populat Colours
Fleetwood Popular Colours, Parisian Ink 


Rue Chaptal Fleetwood Vogue Collection
Fleetwood Paints, Vogue Collection, Rue Chaptal 


Salute Fleetwood Paints Pantone Collection
Fleetwood, Pantone Collection, Salute 


Templar Grey - Colourtrend Paints Historic Collection
Colourtrend, Historic Collection, Templar Grey  
Inkwell Colourtrend Paints Historic Collection
Colourtrend, Historic Collection, Inkwell
Mercer Grey - Fleetwood Paint Colour - Buy Paint Online
Fleetwood Paints, Vogue Collection, Mercer Grey

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