A navy blue paint colour brings a sultry sophistication to a room, dark blues create a serene ambience when used both in abundance and in moderation.

A blue room is instantly soothing and welcoming, no matter what type of blue you use and where you place it. From bedrooms and bathrooms that are completely blue to living rooms and hallways that feature blue accents and feature walls. We love the use of a dark blue or navy paint colour as it creates a timeless feel and adds style and interest to the room it is used in.

Navy paint colours are adaptable, with a useful ability to offset other colours, as well as bridging many seemingly contradictory moods and styles such as timeless or contemporary and glamorous or relaxing. Navy is very usable and versatile across many rooms in the home.

Navy works particularly well in Irish homes as our northern light enhances its pigments, giving a sense of endless space and opportunity.

What colours go with navy:

Navy is a surprisingly versatile paint colour that works well with shades of grey-greens, pale pink and white for a muted colour palette. If you are looking for a more daring palette, go for browns and oranges, or even a hot pink, just remember that a small amount of these shades go a long way.

There are many ways to make the colour blue work beautifully with a wide range of other colours. We have chosen a range of dark blues and navy blue paint colours to create a stunning and harmonious colour scheme in your home.

Colourtrend Mussel - Navy Bedroom Paint Colour - Colourtrend Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Mussel, Colourtrend Paint Colour

Hague Blue Farrow & Ball - Shaker Kitchen - Navy Kitchen Paint Colour - Farrow and Ball Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Hague Blue, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Colourtrend Inkwell - Navy Kitchen Paint Colour - Colourtrend Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Inkwell, Colourtrend Paint Colour (Ryan Kitchens)

Wynwood - Navy Living Room Paint Colour - Fleetwood Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Wynwood, Fleetwood Paint Colour

Indigo Batik - Navy Hallway Paint Colour - Fleetwood Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Indigo Batik, Fleetwood Paint Colour

Eden Rock - Living Room Paint Colour - Ventura Design Fleetwood Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Eden Rock, Ventura Design Paint Colour

Colourtrend Peacock Blue - Navy Living Room Paint Colour - Colourtrend Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Peacock Blue, Colourtrend Paint Colour 

Dulux Gatsby Blue - Navy Hallway Paint Colour - Dulux Moda Paints - Paint Online Ireland

Gatsby Blue, Dulux Paint Colour (Dream Decor)

Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue- Navy Living Room Paint Colour - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour - Paint Online Ireland

Stiffkey Blue, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

DH Oxford Blue from Dulux Heritage Paint Colours. Buy Dulux Paint Online.

Introducing DH Oxford blue from Dulux Heritage. DH Oxford Blue is a versatile navy colour long associated with luxury. Create a stylish home office with this rich velvety navy blue paint colour which looks its best in a room with layered lighting. You can put this shade on center stage by combining it with crisp Mallow White or add a touch of maritime lux by teaming it with Deep Ultramarine.

What do you think of our selection? Have you used any of these navy blue paint colours? Do you have another colour which you feel should be included? Drop us a comment below.