10 Best Off White Paint Colours For Your Home

Looking for an off-white paint colour for your home but not sure where to start? Then we're here to help. Here is a round up of the most recommended off white paint colours for a bright, sophisticated home that still feels warm and inviting.

Howth Ventura Design Paint Colour. Off white living room paint colour. Buy Fleetwood paint online.

Howth from the Ventura Design paint colour collection is a beautiful, delicate off-white. It is a clean, crisp and bright white that's not too cold, not too creamy. If you're looking for the perfect crisp white, look no further. Howth is a pure and popular paint colour choice for new builds, open plan areas, kitchens and bathrooms.

Shell Cove by Colourtrend Paints. Off white bedroom paint colour. Buy Colourtrend paint online.

Shell Cove from Colourtrend Paints is a versatile off-white paint colour. Enhance the natural light in your space with this warm yet refreshing white.

Little Greene Flint 236 and Little Greene Chocolate 124. Living room paint colours.

Flint 236 paired with Chocolate 124 from Little Greene. Flint No. 236 is a sophisticated warm white paint colour that will combine with many colours as it is purely mineral based. 

Arctic Blonde and Oyster Bed from Colourtrend Paints. Hall, stairs and landing off white paint colours.

Arctic Blonde on the walls paired with Oyster Bed on the woodwork from Colourtrend Paints. Arctic Blonde is is a crisp and clean white with just a touch of softness.

Strong White from Farrow & Ball on the walls with Purbeck Stone on the woodwork. Hallway paint colours.

Strong White from Farrow & Ball on the walls with Purbeck Stone on the woodwork. This cool off-white paint colour is both strong by name and strong by nature. The subtle urban feel of its light grey undertones adds a contemporary twist to period homes.

Wishbone White from Dulux Heritage. Off white kitchen paint colour.

Wishbone White from Dulux Heritage is a beautiful, bright, off-white shade that feels light, airy and spacious.

 Wimbourne White on the walls and Card Room Green on the woodwork. Farrow & Ball hallway paint colours.

 Wimbourne White (Farrow & Ball) on the walls with Card Room Green (Farrow & Ball) on the woodwork. Wimbourne White is only a shade away from a pure white, the addition of the smallest amount of warm yellow pigment creates a very versatile, warm off white paint colour.

Shirting from Little Greene. Off white living room paint colour.

Shirting from Little Greene is a pure white based paint colour without optical brightener. A classic heritage white colour, not bright like pure brilliant white but still a crisp, fresh white.

 Chalk Ventura Design white paint colour.

Chalk from the Ventura Design paint colour collection. Simply white, in the clearest definition, Chalk is a purest shade of the illustrious tone. Soft and sympathetic, it is neither cold nor plain. It’s contemporary finish is seamless and bright.

 Little Greene Linen Wash Paint Colour

Linen Wash 33 from Little Greene is a broken and pared down off white paint colour. A lighter, soft, white that has just enough warmth to combat the starkness of other bright whites. If you can’t decide between off white and true white, Linen Wash is a perfect balance.