Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration 

So you've decided to paint your front door and now you are trying to decide on a colour. Changing the colour of your front door will completely transform the look of your home and create a real impact. 

Painting your front door is a quick and easy project that creates a welcoming impression. Before you start, decide whether you want your front door to complement or contrast your home. Also consider the architectural features of your home too. Does your home have red or yellow tone bricks, limestone or granite features and what colour are your roof tiles? Consider these colours when choosing your front door paint colour. 

Green Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Green is a great paint colour option for your front door. Green is refreshing and associated with nature and health, a green door works particularly well if you have plants,greenery or natural stone incorporated into the front of your home. 

Lichen Farrow & Ball Front Door Paint Colour

Lichen, Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Designer Blue - Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours - Green Blue Front Door

Designer Blue, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Wild Atlantic Green, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours - Green Front Door

Wild Atlantic Green, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Little Greene Goblin Goblin 311 front door paint colour. Order Little Greene Goblin paint online in Ireland.

Goblin 311, Little Greene Paint Company

Little Greene Ho Ho Green 305 Front Door Paint Colour

Ho Ho Green 305, Little Greene Paint Company

Blue Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Blue instils trust, calm and peace - it represents loyalty and integrity and is also used as a classic colour.

Arctic Spring - Popular Colours Fleetwood Paints

Arctic Spring, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Stiffkey Blue - Farrow & Ball - Blue Front Door Paint Colour

Stiffkey Blue, Farrow & Ball

Red Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Red attracts attention and shows strength, power and confidence - it's stimulating and vibrant and often used for period properties.

Wild Raspberry - Red Front Door - Colourtrend Paint

Wild Raspberry, Colourtrend Paints

Nancy's Blushes - Farrow & Ball - Front Door Paint Colour

Nancy's Blushes - Farrow & Ball

Yellow Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Yellow is youthful and full of energy - it's uplifting, confident and successful - it stimulates decision making.

French Mustard - Yellow Front Door - Colourtrend Paint

French Mustard, Colourtrend Paints

Babouche - Farrow & Ball - Yellow Front Door Paint Colour

Babouche, Farrow & Ball

Grey Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Spring Pebble Grey - Grey Front Door Paint Colour - Fleetwood Paint Popular Colour

Spring Pebble Grey, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Scree 227 Little Greene Grey Front Door Paint Colour. Order Scree 227 Little Greene Paint Online.

Scree 227, Little Greene Paint Colour

Neutral Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

Stony Ground - Farrow & Ball - Front Door Colour

Stony Ground, Farrow & Ball

Designer White - White Front Door Paint Colour - Fleetwood Paint Popular Colour

Designer White, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Black Front Door Paint Colour Inspiration

A black front door is sophisticated, formal, strong, powerful and one of the most popular colours for traditional houses. A traditional city period property looks sophisticated with a black door.

New Black Paint And Paper Library Paint Colour No. 126. Black front door paint colour.

New Black, Paint & Paper Library, Architect's Satinwood

Peppercorn - Black Front Door - Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Peppercorn, Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours

Paint Online's Guide To Paint Finishes for your Front Door:

There are three main finishes when it comes to painting a front door – Eggshell, Satin and Gloss. The main difference between these finishes is their sheen level. This will vary slightly between the different brands. 

Eggshell is the least shiny of the three finishes. Eggshell appears almost like a matt finish in comparision to both satin and gloss with a low sheen level. 

Satin or satinwood finishes are well suited to woodwork and metal, providing a velvety mid sheen finish. Satin is typically the most common choice of finish when it comes to painting a front door. 

Gloss is the shiniest of the three finishes and is a great option if you are looking to create impact and particularly if you are using primary colours. It's easy to clean and reflects lots of light, but should only be used on perfectly smooth surfaces, which is why it’s absolutely key to prep your surface correctly if opting for a gloss finish.

Once you have decided on your paint colour and your finish, be sure to read our how to guide for painting a front door. The guide is based on painting uPVC but the principles are the same. 

If you have any questions or comments be sure to get in touch. We would love to see your before and after pictures for your front door projects, be sure to tag us on social media.