How to Paint a Wooden Bed Frame
Do you have an old wooden bed that you want like to paint? Here is a step by step guide to help update and transform any wooden bed to a gorgeous new focal point in your bedroom. A painted bed frame can transform the look and feel of your entire bedroom.
How to paint a wooden bed frame
First, sand the bed with a sanding block or sander. Once sanded, clean down all surfaces with sugar soap to remove any dust, grime or dirt. 
What primer and undercoat to use when painting a bed? 
Next it is time to apply a primer/undercoat to the wood. As we hadn't chosen a colour for the bed yet we used a universal, all purpose primer, sealer and undercoat - Fleetwood Bloxx-It. We could have also used Paint & Paper Library's Architect's ASP tinted to the same colour as our topcoat. 
Bloxx-It Primer Sealer and Undercoat for wood
We applied two coats of Fleetwood Bloxx-It to the bed for maximum durability. Sand the primer between coats to achieve a smooth finish. 
How to Paint a Wooden Bed Frame. Primed with Fleetwood Bloxx - It.
What paint to use when painting a bed?
Choose your topcoat colour in either an eggshell, satin or gloss finish depending on your prefered sheen level. We opted for an eggshell finish as we prefer a flat finish. We used Stone V in Architect's Eggshell from Paint & Paper Library.
How to Paint a Wooden Bed Frame. Stone V Paint & Paper Library Architect's Eggshell 750ml. Neutral bed paint colour.
Apply two coats of your topcoat colour. We recommend using Two Fussy Blokes Smooth 4 Inch Roller Sleeves for projects like this. These excellent sleeves provide a flawless spray like finish on your piece. After applying two coats, allow to dry and you are finished. Here is a picture of the newly painted bed.
How to Paint a Wooden Bed Frame. Stone V Paint & Paper Library Architect's Eggshell. Neutral bed paint colour.
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