Discover how to paint a fireplace with a wooden surround and a marble hearth.

In this article, we showcase the before and after pictures of the fireplace, the painting using the correct primer, and paint and tools. 

Before and after painting a wood and marble fireplace.

The fireplace was outdated and didn't fit into the look the customer was trying to achieve. Both the wood and marble were in perfect condition, so rather than replacing them the customer decided to paint the fireplace including the wooden surround, marble, and the brass effect trim. 

When painting a fireplace, preparation is key. Give the surfaces a light sand with a fine sanding pad. This opens the surface and will provide a better surface for the primer and paint to adhere to.

Due to the nature of the fireplace, soot, dirt and grime needed to be cleaned from all surfaces prior to painting. For this, use Sugar Soap to clean all surfaces thoroughly. 

Now, it is time to start priming. For this project the customers used Fleetwood Bloxx-It as their primer, sealer and undercoat. Fleetwood Bloxx-It will adhere to almost any surface and will also block and seal the knots in the timber of the fireplace surround. Below is a picture of the fireplace after applying 1 coat of Bloxx-It. 

Before and after painting a fireplace. Fireplace primer and undercoat Fleetwood Bloxx-It.

Choosing the Paint Colour for the Fireplace

Before and after painting a wood and marble fireplace with Little Greene and Bradite One Can.

The brass trim and tiles of the fireplace were painted with Bradite One Can Black. This is an all in one primer and paint that adheres to almost any surface. This water based paint is quick drying, low VOC and suitable for interior and exterior projects. Simply apply 2-3 coats and the job is done, leaving a beautiful eggshell finish.  

The colour on the wall of this living room is Clay 39 in Absolute Matt from Little Greene. The customer wanted a light, bright colour to tie in with Clay 39 and also add a breath of fresh air to the room. 

Before and after painting a fireplace with Little Greene Whitening 41 in Intelligent Eggshell.

The customer chose Little Green's Whitening 41 in Intelligent Eggshell as the paint colour and finish for their fireplace. This off white paint colour works beautifully against Clay 39 and creates a focal point in the room. As the fire in this living room will no longer be used, the customer could choose an off white paint colour without having to worry about the practicality of keeping a white fireplace clean. 

The finish on the fireplace is flawless thanks to the use of the Two Fussy Blokes Smooth Roller Sleeves. The Two Fussy Blokes Smooth roller sleeves work beautifully with Little Greene's Intelligent Eggshell paint, and create a gorgeous finish. 

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