If you are looking for inspiration to paint your ceiling a different colour than white then this article is just for you. Often called the 5th wall in the room, the ceiling has a big impact on the way the room will feel.

When it comes to interior decor, white ceilings have long been considered the safe and traditional choice. They give a sense of height and brightness to a room, making it seem more spacious and airy. However, it's time to break free from this conventional mindset and explore the world of colourful, creative ceilings. In this blog post, we'll discuss why you don't have to paint your ceiling white and the exciting alternatives that can transform your living space.

Expand Your Design Horizons:

White ceilings may be a timeless classic, but using colour on your ceiling can open up a world of creative possibilities. By choosing a different hue, you can instantly add character and depth to your room. Think about the mood and ambiance you want to create; a bold, dark ceiling can make a space feel cozy and intimate, while a soft pastel shade can evoke serenity and elegance.

Dulux Heritage Midnight Teal

Midnight Teal, Dulux Heritage

Accentuate Architectural Features:

Ceilings are not just blank canvases overhead, they often come with architectural details like beams, trims, and moldings. Painting these elements in a contrasting colour can draw attention to the unique features of your room. This approach can add personality and a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

Powder Paint and Paper Library Paint Colours

Powder V (Ceiling and Upper Walls), Powder III (Lower Walls), Powder I (Shirting), Paint and Paper Library Paint Colours

Muga Paint and Paper Library Paint Colour

Muga, Paint and Paper Library Paint Colour

Enhance Lighting Effects:

Using colour on your ceiling can also impact the way natural and artificial light interacts with a room. A coloured ceiling can reflect light in a warmer or cooler tone, depending on the colour you choose. For example, a warm shade like peach can create a soft, cozy ambiance, while a cool color like pale blue can make a room feel refreshing and bright.

Lip Gloss Fleetwood Pink Ceiling Paint Colour

Lip Gloss, Fleetwood Paint Colour

Create Cohesive Design:

Painting your ceiling in a colour that complements your overall interior design scheme can help create a harmonious and balanced look. You can coordinate the ceiling colour with other elements in the room, such as the walls, furniture, or accessories, to achieve a cohesive and well-thought-out design.

Tanner's Brown Farrow & Ball Ceiling Paint Colour

Tanner's Brown, Farrow & Ball 

Pantry Blue Colourtrend Paint Colour

Pantry Blue, Colourtrend Paint Colour

Hide Imperfections:

Sometimes, ceilings can show imperfections like cracks or stains. Opting for a non-white ceiling can help disguise these flaws, especially if you choose a matt or textured finish that diffuses light. This can be a practical and aesthetic solution, as it keeps your room looking polished and put-together.

Red Earth Farrow & Ball Dead Flat Ceiling Paint Colour

Red Earth, Farrow & Ball - Dead Flat

 Sea Nor Sky Paint and Paper Library Paint Colour

Sea Nor Sky, Paint and Paper Library. Select a mid-strength blue with an element of warmth, such as Sea Nor Sky, to give your bedroom an effortless, calming quality.

Add a Personal Touch:

Your home is an extension of your personality, and your ceiling colour can be an expression of your unique style. Whether you prefer a vibrant hue, a calming neutral, or a bold statement colour, your choice can showcase your individuality and make your living space truly yours. 

Crimson Red and Hague Blue Farrow and Ball
Crimson Red, Farrow and Ball


While white ceilings have their merits, they should not be the default choice for every room. Breaking free from this tradition opens up a world of possibilities for creative, unique, and personalized design. Whether you opt for subtle pastels, bold contrasts, or anything in between, you can transform your living spaces into stunning works of art. So, don't be afraid to embrace colour and express yourself through your ceiling. It's time to step out of the white ceiling comfort zone and explore the boundless potential of colourful ceilings in your decorating projects.

Ceiling and walls painted in Giallo ⁠from Little Greene
Ceiling and walls painted in Giallo ⁠from Little Greene

Painting your ceiling the same colour as your walls:

Painting your ceiling the same colour as the walls unifies the space and draws your attention to the other aspects of the room such as furnishings and accessories. This approach is also much easier for painting as you don’t have to worry about the ceiling line.  

Olive Colour from Little Greene on walls, woodwork and ceiling.

Olive Colour from Little Greene on walls, woodwork and ceiling.

Walls, ceiling and woodwork painted in Sage Green from Little Greene

Walls, ceiling and woodwork painted in Sage Green from Little Greene