Handcrafted by Farrow & Ball and bursting with unmistakable Christopher John Rogers joy, Carte Blanche gives you the freedom to create the look you love. The 12 paint shades can be effortlessly combined to create a unique space that delights. A versatile new palette, the four neutrals and eight statement shades can be paired to create a space that pops. Exquisitely fashioned but far from restrictive, this is elevated exuberance for your home. 

Carte Blanche - 12 New Paint Colours Farrow & Ball Christopher John Rogers

About the Collection

A capsule collection of pattern and colour. Designed by Christopher John Rogers and handcrafted by Farrow & Ball, Carte Blanche is a versatile palette of paint and paper. A foundation of four neutrals, eight statement shades and three playful wallpaper prints, each element can be effortlessly combined for a unique look that delights this season and many more. 

Carte Blanche Farrow & Ball Christopher John Rogers

How to use Carte Blanche

With Carte Blanche, you have the freedom to create a look you love. These 12 colours are designed to be effortlessly combined in endless possibilities. Start with a neutral and add in pops of brighter colour as accents, or be bold and find your favourite shade, then build your scheme around it. Alternatively, let pattern lead the way, and start by exploring the wallpapers on the inside of this booklet.

About The Colours

Inspired by childhood memories of food and family, these versatile shades are bursting with unmistakable Christopher John Rogers joy, interpreted by Farrow & Ball in a playful interior palette - Carte Blanche. 

Blue Maize CB11 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour Christopher John Rogers

Blue Maize No.CB11; Raw Tomatillo No.CB6

About Christopher John Rogers

Celebrated for his signature flair with colour and pattern, Christopher John Rogers brings his unmistakable joy to fashion and beyond. Born and raised in Louisiana, Christopher was enamoured by art from a young age, finding inspiration in everything from Ellsworth Kelly to the costumes of comic book characters and even airport décor. Exploring the space between pragmatism and glamour, his designs emphasis quality, timelessness and declaring your sense of self.

Christopher John Rogers - Carte Blanche

Christopher John Rogers

The Colours

Hog Plum CB1Hog Plum No. CB1 is a muddy yellow paint colour reminiscent of the sweet and sour fruit found across Central America and the Southern States. 

Hog Plum Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Hog Plum CB1

Roasted Macadamia CB2Roasted Macadamia CB2 is a soft neutral brown beige paint colour. A favourite among The Squirrels, this soft neutral is named after the nut of a similar shade. 

Roasted Macadamia CB2 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Roasted Macadamia CB2

 Shallot CB3 Shallot CB3 is a cheerful pink paint colour. Shallot CB3 takes its name from a sweeter member of the allium family widely used in Cajun cuisine. 

Shallot CB3 Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Shallot CB3

Romesco CB4 - Romesco CB4 is a rich red paint colour. Romesco a rich, brilliant red evocative of the classic Spanish sauce, which also doubles as a favourite make up shade. 

Romesco CB4 Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Romesco CB4

Cardamom CB5 - Cardamom CB5 is a rich brown paint colour. A rich brown inspired by the warming, versatile spice used in dishes around the world. 

Cardamom CB5 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Cardamom CB5

Raw Tomatillo CB6Raw Tomatillo CB6 is a vibrant green paint colour. This joyful and verdant green is inspired by the fried green tomatoes made by a beloved grandmother.

 Raw Tomatillo CB6 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Raw Tomatillo

Lobster CB7 - Lobster CB7 is a vibrant blue paint colour. This vibrant, lively blue takes its name from the popular Louisiana catch.

Lobster CB7 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Lobster CB7

Sardine CB8Sardine CB8 is a silver blue paint colour. Sardine from the Carte Blanche Collection takes its name from a favourite afternoon snack of a much loved grandfather. 

Sardine CB8 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Sardine CB8

Au Lait CB9Au Lait CB9 is a soft white paint colour. This soft white from the Carte Blanche Collection is inspired by the chicory coffee popular in New Orleans, often served with steamed milk. 

Au Lait CB9 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Au Lait CB9

Liquorice CB10Liquorice CB10 is a deep black paint colour. This deep black from the Carte Blanche Collection is that of the classic sweet created using the root of the plant from which it takes its name.  

Liquorice CB10 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Liquorice CB10

Blue Maize CB11 - Blue Maize CB11 from Farrow & Ball is a deep blue paint colour. This deep blue from the Carte Blanche Collection is inspired by the unique hue of corn popular in Mexico and the Southern States. 

Blue Maize CB11 Farrow & Ball

Blue Maize CB11

Pea Flower Tea Cb12 - Pea Flower Tea CB12 from Farrow & Ball is a vivid blue paint colour. This vivid blue shade from the Carte Blanche Collection is named after the brightly coloured drink created by infusing petals from butterfly pea flowers. 

Pea Flower Tea CB12 - Farrow & Ball Paint Colour

Pea Flower Tea CB12