We demand a lot from our kitchens!

Whether it is cooking dinner, grabbing a coffee or welcoming friends and family. As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it is important we get the paint colour right. 

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing your kitchen paint colour. Lighting, natural or not plays a big factor and will determine what shades you should opt for.

Style, consider the style of your home and adjoining rooms. The colour you choose should flow throughout the space. Consider your cabinetry, worktops and other fixtures and fittings in the room. You want a colour that is going to tie the room together.

Keeping all this in mind, we have chosen a selection of paint colours which will inspire your thoughts and options on paint colours for your kitchen.


Silk Seal Colourtrend Paints Contemporary Collection
Silk Seal, Colourtrend Paint, Contemporary Collection


Copper Beech Paint and Paper Library

Copper Beech, Paint & Paper Library 

Bofin Fern Fleetwood Paints
Bofin Fern, Fleetwood Paint, Vogue Collection


 Artic Blonde, Dressage Colourtrend Paints
Arctic Blonde, Dressage Colourtrend Paint, Contemporary Collection


Rich Cream Colourtrend Paints
Rich Cream, Colourtrend Paint, Contemporary Collection


Temperance-Colourtrend Paints
Temperance, Colourtrend Paint, Contemporary Collection


Celestial Blue Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours
Celestial Blue, Fleetwood Paint, Popular Colours


Indigo Batik and Jasmine White Fleetwood Paints Popular Colours
Indigo Batik and Soft Jasmine, Fleetwood Paint, Popular Colours


Blanc Fleetwood Pantone
Blanc de Blanc, Fleetwood Paint, Pantone Collection


Star White and Salute Fleetwood Paints Pantone Collection
Star White and Salute Fleetwood Paint, Pantone Collection


Green Smoke Farrow & Ball Paint
Green Smoke, Farrow & Ball Paint Collection


Lichen Farrow & Ball Paints
Lichen, Farrow & Ball Paints Collection


Pitch Blue Farrow & Ball Paints
Pitch Blue, Farrow & Ball Paints Collection


Purbeck Stone Farrow & Ball Paint Collection
Purbeck Stone, Farrow & Ball Paint Collection


Profound - Colourtrend Paint - Contemporary Colours - Kitchen Paint Colours
Profound, Colourtrend Paint, Contemporary Collection


Inkwell - Colourtrend Paint - Historic Collection - Kitchen Paint Colour
Inkwell, Colourtrend Paint, Historic Collection


Studio White and Kensington Grey Dark - Fleetwood Paints - Kitchen Paint Colour
Studio White & Kensington Grey Dark, Fleetwood Paint, Vogue Collection


Jet Stream - Marsala - Fleetwood Paints - Kitchen Paint Colours
Jet Stream & Marsala, Fleetwood Paints, Pantone Collection

 If you would like some help or advice on paint colours for your kitchen, please get in touch and we will happily assist.