Top 10 Little Greene Paint Colours

The Little Greene Paint Company is an independent paint manufacturer, committed to socially and environmentally responsible production of high-quality paints and wallpapers. Little Greene paints are available in a unique range of over 200 heritage & contemporary colours mixed to the finest quality luxury paint for interior and exterior use. The Little Greene Paint Collection brings together the most useful and beautiful luxury paint colours.

In this article we take a look at Little Greene's "Top 10 Most Popular Paint Colours". 

French Grey Little Greene Paint Colour

French Grey, Little Greene 

French Grey, one of Little Greene's most popular shades, is actually a Victorian tone, but due to its incredible versatility, it has remained ever popular. The shade combines seamlessly with a myriad of other tones due to its small components of blue and red base pigments, making it a great solution for any interior. French Grey works well alongside bold, contrasting colours. It can also be used to create a flow of similar shades around your home. 


Portland Stone Little Greene Paint Colour

Portland Stone, Little Greene

Portland Stone is a much loved putty colour, warm and earthy with bags of character. It is a warm neutral which is perfect to create flow and consistency throughout a home. Portland Stone also comes in a total of five shades varying from light to dark.


Slaked Lime Little Greene Paint Colour

Wardrobes: Slaked Lime, Walls: Slaked Lime Mid
Working in graduated tones, Little Greene's Colour Scales families tie perfectly together, meaning they are incredibly easy to use and offer subtle variations of shade. Slaked Lime makes an excellent choice for a soft, versatile warm white, which is easy to coordinate with home furnishings and floors.
Rolling Fog Little Greene
Rolling Fog, Little Greene
Little Greene Rolling Fog No. 143 is a beautiful warm neutral paint colour.  This beautiful shade can be used in place of white alongside a darker, rich colour scheme.
Celestial Blue Little Greene
Celestial Blue (walls) paired with Lamp Black, Little Greene
Little Greene's Lamp Black and Celestial Blue with accents of warm reds, patterns and prints to add a sense of luxury to this living room. Celestial Blue 101 is a charming estate colour equally at home inside and out. It can appear blue, green and grey so be sure to test it in the room first. Livid and Celestial Blue will create a moody scheme with lots of character, while Marine Blue offers a more classic pairing.
Basalt and Shallows from Little Greene
Basalt (kitchen cabinets and island), Little Greene
Basalt is an inky blue from Little Greene. It provides impact in both interior and exterior projects. Look no further than this timeless blue-black to create impact in any room. It makes a bold statement on woodwork, as clearly seen in this kitchen. 
Hicks Blue Little Greene
Hicks Blue, Little Greene
Hicks Blue is a gorgeous deep inky blue. Use French Grey Pale on the ceiling for more balance. Jack Black on surrounding trim and doors will create a smart confident look. What's great about Hicks Blue is that it's a strong blue but it has a real muted tone to it. It creates strong statements without being too powerful.
Juniper Ash Little Greene
Juniper Ash, Little Greene
Little Greene's Juniper Ash No. 115 is an attractive muted blue that contains some red pigment which provides an unlikely warmth. A contrasting shade like Hellebore or Atomic Red will pick up on this and make the colour scheme more dynamic. Juniper Ash also works well with lighter tones, try Mono for an airy contrast.
Olive Colour Little Greene
Olive Colour, Little Greene
Little Greene Olive Colour No. 72 as the name suggests is a deep olive green paint colour. Olive Colour is a green which is full of depth and character. It works as beautifully on trims as it does on walls.
China Clay Little Greene
China Clay, Little Greene
Little Greene China Clay No. 1 is an off white paint colour inspired by ceramic clay colours of St. Austel. If you want a white that's not too bright and dazzling but neither too cosy and creamy, China Clay is an excellent choice. This delicate off white paint colour works beautifully in cottage bedrooms as much as modern living spaces. 
Tastes and trends are constantly changing but at this point in time here are the Top 10 Little Greene Paint Colours
  1. French Grey
  2. Portland Stone
  3. Slaked Lime
  4. Rolling Fog
  5. Celestial Blue 
  6. Basalt
  7. Hicks Blue
  8. Juniper Ash
  9. Olive Colour
  10. China Clay

We would be delighted to hear from you. Have you used any of these Little Greene paint colours? Do you feel there is a more popular shade we should include? Drop a comment in the section below or feel free to drop us an email with any of your questions -