Out with the greys and greens are in. 

Greens are in trend at the minute. At Paint Online we love to see the use of green throughout the home. Greens bring sophistication to your space and soothe and relax the soul. Here are some examples of fabulous greens you should consider adding to your colour palette. 


Fleetwood Paints_Paint Online
Fleetwood Pantone Pine Needle (Walls) Pantone Bright White (Woodwork)
Deep-teal-and-pure-white_Fleetwood Paints_Paint Online
Deep Teal and Pure White - Fleetwood Paints
Pantone deep teal, snow white_Fleetwood Paints_Paint Online
Pantone Deep Teal, Snow White - Fleetwood Paints
Bofin Fern-Vogue Collection
 Vogue Collection, Wynwood & Bofin Fern - Fleetwood Paints
Bofin Fern-Vogue Collection
Bofin Fern, Vogue Collection - Fleetwood Paints 

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