The Vogue Collection has brought together a beautiful collection of paint colours. Each paint colour has a lovely element of richness and depth. There is a real designer feel and touch to this collection and the below images showcase just what is possible in your home.

You can bring your living space to life with each of our paint colours. Whether it is blending two or three colours together or painting an accent wall, the Vogue collection will make your home feel like a luxurious, designer property. With beautiful undertones it is easy to make each room feel like a celebration of colour and texture. 

Wynnwood and Bofin Fern Fleetwood Paints - Vogue-Collection
Wynnwood & Bofin Fern Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection
Bofin Fern Fleetwood Paints - Vogue-Collection
Bofin Fern, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection
Highline White, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue-Collection
Highline White, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection
Wynnwood Fleetwood-Paints - Vogue-Collection
Wynnwood, Fleetwood-Paints - Vogue Collection
Coco 1955-Vogue-Collection-Fleetwood-Paints
Coco 1955, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection 
Betsy 1920 Mid, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection
Grafton Grey Light, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection
Hepburn Light, Fleetwood Paints - Vogue Collection


Discover the range of beautiful paint colours that have been selected specifically for their design edge. Whether it's the beautiful richness of Bofin Fern, the light warmth of Hepburn or the boldness of Rothko Red, this collection offers something for everyone. 

To discover the complete Vogue Collection: 

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